Privacy Policy

Thank you for providing the privacy policy for The Expressive Pen Article Publishing Platform. It’s important to ensure that users understand how their data is handled and protected. Based on the information you’ve provided, here is a summary of the key points:

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  1. Personal Data Processing: The privacy policy outlines how personal data is collected, processed, and stored when users access the Article Publishing Platform at
  2.  Hosting Provider: Personal data may be transmitted to the hosting provider to facilitate access to the Platform. The hosting provider operates under a contractual agreement with , with terms that align with the privacy policy.
  3.  Legal Disclosure: In certain circumstances, personal data may be disclosed to law enforcement authorities or other authorized individuals if required by law or by order of a judge.
  4.  Data Retention: If a user does not access their user account for five (5) years, their data will be destroyed. Additionally, when a user closes their account, their data is immediately destroyed. Users can request the closure of their account by contacting the Admin.
  5.  Publishing Limits: Users are allowed to publish one post per day. If they wish to increase their publishing limit, they can contact the Admin for further discussion.
  6.  Tags: Users can add a maximum of five tags to their posts, which help categorize and improve the discoverability of the articles.
  7.  Post Deletion: It is mentioned that posts will be deleted if users continue to publish their articles without meeting the specified guidelines or requirements.

Users must review and understand the privacy policy to ensure the protection of their data and comply with the Platform’s guidelines.

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